Don’t you feel like a new person after a nice hot shower? Dogs feel the same way! Let our skilled grooming specialists soothe your dog's anxiety while providing a vigorously refreshing bath and breed-appropriate cut.

    • Only hypoallergenic shampoos and products used

    • Finish the treatment with a nail clipping.

Trust our experienced groomers

We are very proud of our two groomers who take the time and care to provide the best groom in the Plant City area. We take the time to ensure each pet is handled in a stress free environment. We do not use cage dryers, and make sure we provide potty breaks throughout the process. So schedule a groom and see what a difference we can make! Grooming appointments are available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Schedule as soon as possible as we are always quite busy. Prices start at $46.00 and includes the bath, nails, anal glands, ears as well as a tremendous groom!

To schedule your appointment, call Happy Pets Inn today.

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